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Rates & Investments


Deposit is 25% of time scheduled due at booking to confirm, the rest in cash please! 
* Deposit is refundable if illness occurs, needing to cancel 3 days before or movable to another day once scheduled session. If cancellation happens after the 3 days or more then once deposit is no longer refundable and full booking rate is due. Locally this is weather dependent, but please notify as soon as possible. All sessions are for time, not all acts may or may not occur during our time together. 


InCall (You Come To me) Anchorage

relates only GFE + 120 locally

1 Hour    $360.00

   2 Hours  $660.00 *Preferred

3 Hours  $900.00 

4 Hours  $1200.00

Perfect for a lunch and some alone time or dinner date, night out, special activity 

5+ hours add $240.00 per hour up to 8 hours

OutCall (I Come To You) Anchorage  

1 Hour    $420.00  

2 Hours  $800.00

3 Hours  $1200.00

4 Hours  $1400.00

4 hours or more are best for outings, activities outside of the room, lunch and some bedroom play for a sweet short time together. A snack, refreshments or some food is expected to be provided or ordered when I am there with time over 4+ hours. 
12~15Hr or overnights are a possibility and rates very, please ask about these when filling out the contact form. 
‘Flying to you in another Alaskan city rates are between $2400 day trip~$3600 + flights and accommodation for day trips and overnights. These require advance booking and deposit monitory to schedule. Deposits are best to CashApp or WishTender 
All overnights I do require 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 


For Our More Curious/ Fetish Side 

This is for those that have been thinking about quietly but not sure how to get started, or for those who know! I offer the safe non judgmental space while you explore, feel, express and learn this side of yourself. This is the side where no intercourse happens or very little depending on the type of play discussed. 

1Hour $540.00. *After first meet

90 Minutes $740.00 *Required for first meeting

2 Hours $840.00 * Preferred

3 Hours $1000.00

Every Hour After 3 hrs + $240.00 up to 7hrs 

What I’m willing offer for fetish play


Water Sports(you receive)

Light BDSM


Spanking / OTK 

Mommy talk/play

Some role playing uncle/ niece ( boundaries will be discussed in person)

Flogging, cuffed, hot wax
Sissy / Submissive D/s 

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