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When We Meet

When meeting for the first time, second or more I’d like to take a moment to establish some behind the closed door things. 
To ensure we have a great time no matter the setting or type of meet we may have, I like a gentleman above all. I can be an absolute sweetheart to people that know how to treat a lady properly. My goal is the girl next door with so many hidden treasures, you know the brunette from across the street you’ve been secretly watching. 


Before we meet

Screening is an absolute must and will determine how our interactions go. Please introduce yourself a bit, I do not mind age appropriate or race, I adore kindness, connection and fruitfulness. 


The day off

Now that screening and deposit is taken care let’s make sure your hygienic to! Please brush teeth, shower and nails are clean. I make to be as fresh as possible and would love to enjoy our rendezvous as much as you. At my incall I do have a shower if needed. 

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